Umpire Confidence

Story submitted by a Little League Umpire

Umpiring with Bobby again. If you don’t remember him, he’s the big guy over 6 feet tall and umpiring for 30 years.

I made a mistake on a call tonight and didn’t have umpire confidence. Well, not so much on the call itself. More so on what I did right after I made the call. Learn from my mistake and don’t do what I did.


Batter hits a ball to the short stop, I move from foul territory behind first into position to make the call for the throw from short stop to first base. Wow was it close. I called the batter-runner safe. Not very confidently mind you. That was a mistake.

I got in my own head and called time. I conferred with the home plate umpire. I really shouldn’t have done that, but I wasn’t feeling very confident. So Bobby says to me, what do you think. I said well I think he was safe, but wanted to get your opinion. He said, I think he was out by just a hair. Sooooo, I said, okay…..and I changed the call to out. I really couldn’t ask him his opinion and then not take his advice, that’s just dumb.

This was completely my fault as I should have just made a confident call and let it go. I should have never asked for an opinion on this play.

Well, what do you know what happens? One of the mom’s was videoing her son playing and they showed me after the game, he was safe. It was the right call. I messed up. My reaction was, too bad there is no replay in our league.

My advice, make your call confidently and live with it in a situation like this. Umpire confidence is important!


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